Does an Infrared Sauna Help Nerve Pain?

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Numerous scientific and medical studies attest to the pain relief and other health benefits provided by regular infrared sauna therapy. The direct effect of far infrared light energy on peripheral nerves soothes irritated parts that send pain signals to your brain.

Various inflammatory conditions such as joint pain, rheumatism pain, and arthritis are benefited by lower levels of prostaglandins, which help regulate the relaxation and contraction of smooth muscle tissues.

Infrared sauna therapy also stimulates the production of white blood cells (leukocytes) which improves the body’s capability of healing itself and prevent recurring pain symptoms. Moreover, delivering a higher amount of oxygen to cells helps heal the affected area and stimulates the reduction of the causative sources of many conditions that make the body ache, cramp, and sore.

The pain relief mechanisms of infrared sauna therapy also include relieving ischemia and reducing muscle spasms due to improved circulation throughout the body.

Elimination of toxins and acids, removal of pathogenic microorganisms and improved oxygenation of cells and tissues all aid in bringing powerful pain relief to every part of our bodies through the use of an infrared sauna therapy program.

Help for Arthritic conditions, muscle spasms, and chronic pain.

neuropathy treatment home remedies

Infrared sauna therapy has been proven to be a highly effective treatment plan for relieving nerve pain and arthritic pain. For instance, in Japan, infrared sauna therapy is used extensively in providing relief to people suffering from nerve pain and muscular-skeletal ailments such as back and hip pain, rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, sprains, and fibromyalgia. In Europe, infrared sauna therapy has been used successfully to treat people afflicted with lower back pain and various forms of arthritis.

When muscles are heated by infrared sauna light, blood flow is significantly increased, just like what we experience when we exercise. An infrared sauna elevates the body’s core temperature, thus producing dilation of the venules, arterioles, and capillaries.

This deep heating process dilates the capillaries thus bringing healing and relief to joints, muscles, and soft tissue. Improving blood circulation helps in the detoxification and transportation of oxygen-rich blood to joints and muscles that are oxygen-depleted so that they may heal faster.

Infrared sauna heat decreases joint stiffness and pain

In one study, joints heated in an infrared sauna at 112 degrees Fahrenheit has a 20% decrease in joint stiffness Therefore, it is speculated that thickened connective tissue and stiffened joints may respond in a similar way.

Infrared sauna heat helps reduce muscle spasms

Studies show that infrared heat is highly effective when it comes to reducing muscle spasms including those caused by underlying neuropathological, joint, or skeletal conditions. This pain-relieving effect is caused by the combined effect of infrared heat on nerves (both primary and secondary) that carry impulses from the body to the spinal cord or brain and blood vessels that supply blood to organs from the spindle cells. The effect is further enhanced by the impact of infrared heat on Golgi tendon organs which detect force or tension in the muscles.

Reduce muscle spasms infrared sauna treatment

Sometimes nerve pain is linked to the lack of blood supply (ischemia) due to spasms or tension that can be significantly improved by a high level of blood and oxygen in that particular area, which infrared sauna therapy can generate.

This is achieved by the widening of the blood vessels, particularly the arteries, thus leading to reduced blood pressure or increased blood flow. Infrared heat also reduces pain by direct action on peripheral nerves as well as free nerve endings in tissues.

In one study regular infrared heat application resulted in the elimination of the nerve response that causes pain arising from the dental pulp.

Infrared heat is quickly becoming a leading treatment for injuries in soft tissues. It has been successfully used to promote relief in Intractable (permanent) or chronic cases as well as speeding up healing in new injuries.

The bottom line

Nerve pain can be caused by different factors including chronic conditions, injury, over-exercise, arthritis, as well as hormonal imbalances. Many studies have shown that infrared sauna therapy can be used to provide relief for many different types of pain. In fact, it has been used across cultures throughout history for more than 2,500 years. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks used volcanic hot air caverns and thermal baths to treat body pains and muscle spasms. Infrared saunas are modern day solutions for natural pain relief.

While it’s always important to consult your physician first to decide how your specific pain should be treated, it’s worth considering how infrared sauna therapy can help relieve your specific pain naturally.

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