Is It Safe To Use An Infrared Sauna Every Day?

Can I use an infrared sauna everyday

Safety, health, and wellness are the main driving forces behind the immense popularity of infrared sauna therapy. However, some people are concerned about the frequency of using infrared saunas and session durations. While there are numerous health benefits of using infrared saunas, there are some important things that should be taken into consideration before using them.

Establish a threshold of endurance

Introducing a new substance or activity into your body should be done in gradual increments. Infrared sauna sessions should be spread apart and shorter at the beginning as your body adapts to the rays and heat of the infrared spectrum. To maximize the benefits and avoid any potential problems, you should allow a day of rest between sessions for the first 3 weeks.

Infrared saunas use invisible rays to penetrate deep into the skin and heat up the body from the inside out. This can be deceiving because the temperature inside infrared saunas is not as high as traditional dry saunas. Despite the significantly lower external temperature, the invisible infrared light penetrates the epidermis to induce profuse sweating. Therefore the rate of perspiration is much higher with infrared saunas than with traditional dry saunas or steam baths. Give your body time to adapt to the heat and pay keen attention to how your body is reacting.

Listen to your body

Is it safe to use an infrared sauna everyday

After 3 weeks of undergoing infrared sauna therapy every other day, you’ll be able to adjust the frequency of use according to your specific needs. Once you’ve completed the introductory period, more frequent use of the infrared sauna is important to make the most out of your body’s response to the heat. Just like any medical treatment or exercise program, commitment and ritualized routine will augment the health benefits of undergoing infrared sauna therapy.

Routine use supported by electrolyte replenishment and increased hydration

Consistency is vital when it comes to maximizing the health benefits you can reap from infrared sauna therapy. During the initial 3-week adaptation period, the body gradually adapts to the infrared heat and you can increase the frequency of sessions while decreasing the periods of rest between sauna sessions. You can develop a committed routine effortlessly mainly because infrared sauna sessions are both relaxing and pleasurable.

If you didn’t experience any negative side effects during the 3-week introductory period, you can set a goal to undergo infrared sauna therapy every day for 30 to 60 minutes per session. However, it’s very important to ensure optimal hydration throughout the day (both before and after sessions).

Set aside a day of rest for absorption and adaptation

It is recommended that you take a day of rest at least every 7 to 10 days of daily sauna use to allow the body to fully incorporate all the changes that have been occurring. As you gradually increase the frequency of sessions, it’s still important to give your body’s physiological network time to seek equilibrium. A break from the heavy perspiration allows your body’s network to fully assimilate the transformative effects of infrared sauna therapy.

Preparation through proper hydration

Preparing your body for the experience of a sauna starts with proper hydration. An infrared sauna session is a detoxification protocol that induces profuse sweating and hence demands proper hydration before and after the session. In fact, experts recommend that hydration begins several days prior to going for the session.

If you are engaged in regular sauna use, you should consume at least 3 quarts of water per day. While the method of using infrared wavelengths is far more effective in detoxification, it can easily cause detoxification especially if you are not properly hydrated before going into the sauna.

Filtered tap water, mineral water, or bottled spring water will hydrate the body adequately before and after your infrared sauna session. Always refuel your body with mineral water or electrolytes after each sauna session regardless of the amount of sweat your body produces during a sauna session.

The bottom-line. Is it safe to use an infrared sauna every day?

Always pay keen attention to how your body responds to any new substance you introduce or activity you engage in. Your body will tell you whether to take a rest or increase the frequency of using an infrared sauna.

Experts who recommend taking two sauna sessions per day (one in the morning just after waking up and one in the evening before bed) also advise users to reduce the duration of each session to about 15 to 20 minutes. However, you should not exceed two 20-minute sessions per day. Infrared saunas are a blessing particularly in this age of drug-resistant infections and toxic exposure.

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Is it safe to use a sauna everyday