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My friend recently heard the three words we all dread; “You have cancer”

Just a week earlier, she was having her mammogram done. The doctor told her “something doesn’t look quite right” so he wanted her to have an ultrasound. She had been down this path before because of her dense tissue so she wasn’t alarmed at this point.

After the ultrasound, her doctor said there were two spots he wanted to biopsy. Now she was a little worried. She got the call early in the day on a Tuesday morning. “You have IDC, (invasive ductal carcinoma)”.

She was left wondering how this could happen because she led a healthy life, exercised regularly and there was no family history.

How you can help treat cancer naturally

She wanted to treat her body naturally, but she didn’t know how or who could provide such treatment. She embarked on a quest searching for answers. At first, she went to an integrative medicine doctor and a homeopathic doctor, but they both advised her to do what conventional doctors were telling her. She wondered why they didn’t want her to seek healing through natural treatments and diets.

Her radiologist told if she underwent chemo therapy she could increase her survival rate by up to 35%. After going for her first chemo session, she decided it would be her last. She went to a biofeedback practitioner who recommended that she uses an infrared sauna. She said it would help the body get rid of toxins naturally and help with her high blood pressure. She started doing her research and was surprised to learn all the health benefits of using an infrared sauna.

Can Infrared Sauna Help Fight Cancer?

benefits of infrared sauna cancer

She checked with her radiologist to see whether she could use an infrared sauna while still undergoing chemo treatment and she told her it was okay. So she found a place she could try an infrared sauna to see if it was for her. She went 4 times a week for about a month and she couldn’t believe how good she was feeling. She actually went ahead and bought one for her home and still uses it 3-4 times per week.

The sauna has become her “healing box”. She says that as she sits in the sauna, she can actually feel the awesome healing process happening in her body. She says, “as sweat forms on my skin, I think, Great! Toxins are actually leaving my body”.

Now that she has been using an infrared sauna regularly, she no longer needs the high blood pressure medication. She says that she has more energy, feels better, sleeps better, and her body no longer aches like it used to – she claims it is largely due to infrared sauna therapy. I’ve also noticed the drastic changes her body has undergone. She looks healthier than ever- in fact, she is glowing!

She says her sauna sessions give her a chance to unplug from the world, so it forces her to meditate and she now understands the importance of meditation to health. Not only has she experienced numerous health benefits from infrared sauna use, her husband has also experienced relief for his asthma.

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